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Meet Team Femto

The list of Femto Projects to choose from is here.


The student council has led it be known that their enthusiasm for exercise sheets is limited. However, the sheets prepare you for the exam, the exam tests capabilities that you will need going forward, and expererience shows that it's not easy for many students. So we'll stick with the usual excercises. However, in order to boost people's motivation, we will be offering an additional format this term: Femto Projects (adapting an idea by Cologne's very own Prof. Zilges).

Femto Projects treat interesting (and ideally somewhat quirky) topics in classical mechanics that do not fit into the curriculum. As such, they are completely optional and have no bearing at all on the exam. Students completing a Femto Project will receive exercise credits though, on the order of two sheets worth of points.

Rules of the Game

  • Femto projects were initially designed by English-speaking tutors. Im Semester 2020 / 2021 können wir aber auch Projekte auf Deutsch akzeptieren.
  • Femto projects are to be conducted in teams of three students. Nope, you can't do it alone. You don't know people? Get to know people! You are super-qualified and don't want to be held back by slower peers? Reevaluate how you think about yourself.
  • Every team can choose a topic from the list above. Please write an email to Lukas and state your names and which exercise group you belong to.
  • You can propose your own project. It should contain some quantitative aspects. We might modify it (or choose not to accept it), though.
  • While we will be happy to answer specific technical questions, we will not guide you step by step through the project!
  • Results should be presented to your exercise class as 15 minute presentations.
  • The tutors will suggest good presentations to us. The selected teams will be invited to present their work to everyone in the final lecture.